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Salsa Grille Insights: Dive Deep into Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Welcome to the Salsa Grille Insights – your go-to destination for unraveling the rich tapestry of authentic Mexican cuisine, its history, and the inspirations behind our dishes. As we journey through the world of flavors, traditions, and innovative spins on classic recipes, our blogs serve as a culinary map. From the zesty history of salsa to the delightful tales behind your favorite dishes, there's always something savory to explore.

Whether you're a food enthusiast eager to learn more, a fan of Salsa Grille's delectable offerings, or someone new to the world of Mexican gastronomy, our curated posts ensure there's a bite of knowledge for everyone.

Which Sides are the Best?

19 November 2020
If you’ve eaten at any of our four locations, you’ve likely experienced one, if not all, of our sides. We are talking about the borr...

History of tacos

15 October 2020
With Salsa Grille voted by Fort Wayne Newspapers Readers’ Choice 2020 to have the #1 Tacos, it feels fitting to share the history of...

Fort Wayne Zoo Tickets Giveaway

15 September 2020
You read that title right! We are having a wonderful giveaway that will help support our local zoo. You’re probably wondering how to...

Plenty of Gluten Free Options

24 August 2020
It isn’t always easy spotting or keeping track of gluten free options, that’s why we’ve compiled our list of gluten free menu items ...

Freezer-Free Zone

14 July 2020
You read that right! Our Salsa Grille locations do not have a single freezer on site. That translates to the freshest ingredients fr...

Taqueria Reopening

22 June 2020
As many of you may already be aware, we shut down our Salsa Grille Taqueria location in June and worked on safety measures for both ...

Reopening for Dine-In

08 May 2020
We wanted to let all our customers know that we truly appreciate all the support they’ve shown us during these turbulent times. We t...

Special Thanks

03 April 2020
We wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has helped us during this difficult time. First and foremost, thank you to our staf...


04 March 2020
It’s that time of year again where all four of our Salsa Grille locations offer delicious Tilapia fish as an option. Cut, breaded, a...

Off Menu Catering

25 February 2020
Not every restaurant has items that aren’t on the menu, but we do! In particular, our catering menu contains more variety than is vi...

Fresh Ingredients

28 January 2020
We pride ourselves on providing the Fort Wayne area with Mexican food that is not only fast, but fresh as well. With no freezers at ...


17 December 2019
Our tamales are made fresh daily and sold ONLY at our Salsa Grille Taqueria location. All of our Salsa Grille locations ar...

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