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17 December 2020

Unbox Deliciousness!

Our catering has never been stronger! We offer four amazing options for our catering that will leave your guests wanting more at the next event. We have our incredibly famous taco bar, our burrito box lunches, our new nacho bar, and of course, our equally famous food truck!

You may be wondering what each of these has to offer that is unique or how one may be best for different events. Well, sit back while we unbox this mystery! Let’s start with our newest addition, the Nacho Bar. This unique package offers your choice of meat with one of our bean choices (black or pinto) along with our famous queso, pico de gallo, sour cream, lettuce, chips (of course!), and last but certainly not least, salsa. I mean, how could you call it nachos without a variety of toppings and the salsa?

Now, you may be wondering what sort of events the Nacho Bar is good for, and that’s an easy question. It’s great for any fiesta! Weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, graduation parties, you name it, we’ve catered it. While the same can be true of our Taco Bar. There are a few differences between the two that we should point out.

The Taco Bar comes with more variety. You could have corn tortillas, flour, or hard-shell tacos, for example. There are chips, too, just not as many as you’d find in the Nacho Bar. Another difference is that it comes with a choice of two meats and also includes rice and sour cream. What it doesn’t have, compared to the Nacho Bar, is queso. Never fear, however, for queso can be added! As we stated above, the Taco Bar is similar enough to the Nacho Bar that it works for the same types of events. Due to its lack of mess, however, it also does well in business meeting type settings, which nachos don’t always go over well with.

Moving on, we have our Burrito Box Lunches. This style of catering is completely different than the above two as it is a regular Salsa Grille burrito (made to your specifications) in a box with a churro and chips and salsa. While you could have this at a wedding party, we would suggest keeping this style of catering to office meetings, meetings in general, or events where it’s a grab-and-go sort of situation (like with a job fair).

blog 015 catering burrito box lunch   blog 015 catering nacho bar

Last but certainly not least is our food truck! The weather may be too cold for it now, but our food truck is particularly popular in summer months. It works great for most events and is even better for open houses, neighborhood events, or even downtown Fort Wayne events. It’s like a mini Salsa Grille on wheels.

blog 015 catering food truck

Now that you know the four types of catering options, do you know which one works best for your next event? If so, be sure to give us a call at 260-338-TACO or fill out our catering request form online to see how we can help you unbox deliciousness!

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