17 December 2019


Our tamales are made fresh daily and sold ONLY at our Salsa Grille Taqueria location. All of our Salsa Grille locations are proud to be freezer free, which means we don’t freeze our food for later. Not only is the produce chopped fresh, it all comes from George’s International Market, which is next to the Taqueria.

Being so close to George’s, the Taqueria boasts the freshest ingredients for all its menu items, and that includes the delicious tamales. While we won’t give all our secrets away, you can find everything you need to make tamales next door. For less work and mess, you can enjoy them at the Taqueria.

But what is a tamal? Tamales are a traditional Mesoamerican dish. They’re made of masa or dough that has been steamed inside a corn husk, and while they can be steamed in banana leaves, we use corn husks. Although the tamal is wrapped in a corn husk or banana leaf, that outer wrapping is not meant to be eaten. Often, the wrapping is discarded before eating, although it can be used as a plate as the tamal is eaten from within. Don’t worry, the taqueria’s tamales come on a plate, so there’s less mess!

The Taqueria location currently offers three types of tamales: chicken with salsa verde, pork with salsa roja, and rajas (cheese & jalapeños). The third type, rajas, is a vegetarian option as well! In the future, we may be adding or changing flavors, but for now, you can find these delicious classics at the original Salsa Grille location. Did we mention they're the perfect option when ordering for parties?

Tamales 2
Tamales 3

If you’re just stopping in for a quick lunch or ordering online, the single purchase option is available, with no limit on how many singles you can order. We also offer half-dozen and dozen portion options. Will you be stopping in for a tamale?

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