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Picking the Perfect Salsa Grille Catering Option for Your Event

At Salsa Grille, we know that every event is unique, and that's why we offer a range of catering options to fit your specific needs. Whether you're planning a Thanksgiving gathering, a simple lunch meeting, a lively outdoor party, or even a formal wedding, we have flavorful solutions tailored just for you!

Picking the Perfect Salsa Grille Catering Option

1. Taco Bar: A Customizable Feast

Overview : Imagine a buffet spread where guests can customize their own tacos, picking and choosing from a variety of fresh ingredients. Our Taco Bar brings this vision to life, providing a fun, interactive dining experience.

Best For : Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and other special occasions where you want to offer variety without overwhelming your guests. The Taco Bar allows everyone to create their perfect taco, whether they're vegetarians, meat-lovers, or somewhere in between.

2. Box Lunch: Compact and Convenient

Overview : Sometimes, all you need is a simple, hearty meal that's easy to distribute and even easier to enjoy. Our Box Lunches provide a balanced, nutritious meal, carefully packed to maintain freshness. This is the PERFECT solution for your next corporate business lunch.

Best For : Business lunches, day trips, field outings, school or corporate events, and more. Anywhere you need a mess-free, fuss-free meal, the Box Lunch comes to the rescue. It's also an excellent choice for events where seating might be limited, or where you want to avoid long queues.

3. Nacho Bar: Crunchy, Cheesy Delight

Overview : Who can resist the lure of crunchy nachos topped with molten cheese, succulent meats, and zesty salsas? Our Nacho Bar offers a spread of quality ingredients, ensuring a delectable, crunchy mouthful with every bite.

Best For : Special events like weddings, anniversaries, or even corporate gatherings where attendees can mingle and chat. Nachos are the ultimate casual, sociable food, making them perfect for events where the vibe is relaxed and convivial.

4. Food Truck: The Party Magnet

Overview : Our iconic Salsa Grille Food Truck brings the authentic taste of Mexican cuisine straight to your venue. It’s a mobile kitchen, ensuring that the food is hot, fresh, and just as tasty as if you were dining at one of our brick-and-mortar locations.

Best For : The Food Truck shines at outdoor parties, music festivals, large community events, and even corporate functions. The appeal is twofold: the enticing aroma that draws people in, and the visual entertainment of seeing their food prepared on the spot.

End of Season Note: Our 2023 season has wrapped up for our food truck, but you can start making reservations for May 2024 and beyond.

Celebrate with a Twist this Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, think beyond the traditional. Why not add a touch of Mexican flair to your Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas party? Our catering options ensure your holiday events stand out in the best way possible. Whether it's a full-blown Taco Bar setup for your family gathering or our Food Truck pulling up to your office party, the festive season just got a whole lot zestier.

Authentic, fresh, and filled with flavors that dance on the tongue – this is what we promise, and we always deliver. So, as you start to plan your next gathering, remember: the way to your guests' hearts is through their stomachs. Make it an event to remember with Salsa Grille’s top-notch catering.

Ready to spice up your event? Reach out to Salsa Grille on our website or by calling 260-338-TACO and let's make your occasion the talk of the town!

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