Churros, Horchata, Jamaica, and Elote

At Salsa Grille, we love our Mexican roots - and not just our tacos, quesadillas, and barbacoa. We can't wait to share these authentic favorites! 

The next time you’re in Salsa Grille, order one of these authentic Mexican items and get your mind blown!


Ah, churros. An international delight. Such a simple concept: choux pastry dough is piped into hot oil using a star-shaped tip, fried until golden, then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. No matter what shape they take, churros are best enjoyed with hot chocolate sauce, champurrado, or cafe con leche. 

The true origin of churros is unclear - however, they have long been a staple of the Spanish and Portuguese street food scene. You can buy them fresh in cartons, like fries, from stands and carts in cities and parks all over Spain and Latin America.

At Salsa Grille, a hot and fresh churro makes for a perfectly sweet, light, and crunchy dessert after your meal! 


Want something refreshing to drink, but not feeling the soda? Salsa Grille has you covered! Next time you’re with us, try our horchata! 

Historically, a horchata recipe made with tiger nuts originated in North Africa and spread to Spain during the 11th century. The most popular variety in Mexico and Central America is horchata de arroz (rice horchata). Rice is cooked with cinnamon sticks, then cooled, blended, and strained until super-smooth. Milk, vanilla, sugar, and water are added to finish the drink. The resulting beverage is creamy, refreshing, sweet, and lightly spiced. 

If you’re looking for something sweet but not carbonated to wash down your lunch, Salsa Grille’s horchata is a great option! 


If you’re looking for a soda alternative that’s still fruity, look no further than our jamaica! Agua de jamaica, meaning “hibiscus water,” is an agua fresca (a type of drink made using fresh fruits and extracts) that’s served in Mexico. 

Prepared like tea, the hibiscus flowers are steeped in boiling water. The flowers are strained from the liquid, sugar is added, then the drink is chilled before being served. 

The final product is a beautifully deep reddish purple color with a sweet, tart, and deliciously refreshing taste. If you’re feeling fruity but not bubbly, Salsa Grille’s Jamaica could be your next go-to!


In Spanish, the word “elote” simply means “corncob.” However, elotes in Mexico and at Salsa Grille are waaaaay more than just a simple ear of corn. 

Elotes are an extremely popular street food in Mexico. Sold in carts by eloteros, a pre-boiled ear of corn is grilled over hot coals, then slathered in a creamy white sauce made of mayo, crema (Mexican sour cream), chili powder, and Cotija cheese. The corn is dusted with more chili powder and cheese, then served with a fresh wedge of lime. 

Most elotes are sold on a stick for ease of eating while walking around - but at Salsa Grille, we sell our elotes in a cup! Mix the sauce on top with the fresh corn underneath and you have yourself a delicious side dish for your entree. If you dine with us in-house, we’d be happy to give you a sample!

How many of these unique items did you know? How many have you had at Salsa Grille? If you’ve never had them, now’s a great time to order online for pickup or delivery. All of these items are available at all of our locations! We’d love to show you next time you order at Salsa Grille. 

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