25 February 2020

Off Menu Catering

Not every restaurant has items that aren’t on the menu, but we do! In particular, our catering menu contains more variety than is visible at first glance, and that’s not even counting the unseen add-ons you could be ordering.

So, what sort of items have you been missing out on when you have us cater? Well, you could be missing out on sides, salsas, cakes, or churros. The sides and salsa options may not come as a surprise, since we do offer a limited quantity of them with each catering order, you may be missing out on having a wider variety. We can even customize your order to have more meat or veggie variety than what our standard package comes with. As for the cakes and churros, while we don’t have these listed on our website or on our form, they can be requested.

Now, you may be wondering about those last two options. Sure, you’ve probably seen and maybe even ordered a churro from our menu, but have you ever thought to order up a tray of them for your catering event? What about a birthday cake? Or a custom graduation cake? While our Salsa Grille locations can provide the churros, the cakes come fresh baked from the bakery inside George’s International Market.

Off Menu Catering 01
Off Menu Catering 03

The next time you order from our catering menu, be sure to ask about these special options! I mean, who wouldn’t want dessert with their tacos? Yum! Until then, be sure to order up a fresh hot churro!

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