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It is the tastiest time of the year! Back by popular demand is our freshly prepared tilapia. As per our previous years, this tasty fish will be available every Friday from now until April 2nd. Ready for some even tastier news? This scrumptious fish topping is available at all of our Salsa Grille locations.

This delicious meat option is prepared fresh, chopped into mouthwateringly delicious, bite-sized pieces, seasoned to perfection, and then deep fried into crispiness; much like our tofu. If you have not had this incredible topping before, we highly recommend giving us a visit between now and April 2nd! Just remember, our tilapia is only available on Fridays, so be sure to plan ahead!

Speaking of planning ahead, you may be wondering what combination is best paired with the tilapia. Honestly, we think it pairs great with any of our Salsa Grille entrees! From feedback we have had in the past, tilapia tacos are simply the crowd favorite as it pairs so well with flour or corn tortillas, though some have argued that the hard-shell tacos make for the best pairing.

Other favorites include the burrito, bowl, or fiesta taco salad. The particularly daring food connoisseurs have even tried it in our quesadilla form. As an added twist, you can always order it at our Taquería location on the torta sandwich. Now that is a crazy good combination!

Which entrée is your favorite? Will you be adding our tilapia to it, or will you be playing it safe and sticking with the favorites you know and love? And remember, whatever you decide, the fresh toppings and their combinations are endless! There are still plenty of chances for you to find the winning combination that you are looking for. Regardless of what you choose in the end, you are sure to be in for a delicious meal from your locally owned and operated Salsa Grille restaurants!

Due to it being a limited time only item, we sadly do not have it available for when you order online. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but hope you will be able to enjoy it with a sit down or carry-out order.

We hope to see you soon for more mouthwatering news! Until then, be sure to keep our food truck and other catering options in mind for the warmer months ahead!

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