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14 July 2020

Freezer-Free Zone

You read that right! Our Salsa Grille locations do not have a single freezer on site. That translates to the freshest ingredients from the kitchen to your plate!

How can this be? Well, it’s simple! At the start of the day, we take tomatoes and combine them with freshly chopped cilantro, onions, and other spices to make our several of our salsas and pico de gallo. That same attention is given to our freezer-free meat!

Our meat comes in fresh from George’s International Market and are placed in a fridge until we are ready to season, marinate, cook, and then cut or shred them to make our variety of meats. Each one is prepared differently depending on our recipe, but they are all fresh and never frozen! Even our Salsa Grille catering truck adheres to our high standards and doesn’t have a freezer. We are truly committed to keeping our food fresh and flavorful! It’s only by constantly preparing our meats, cheeses, veggies, rice, beans, and other toppings this way, that we ensure you can continue enjoying those quality flavors each and every time! That’s why we’re proud to say, Salsa Grille is a freezer-free zone!

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