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All aboard the Salsa Grille Express, because food truck season is coming - and we’re READY!

Hey guys! We’ve endured one heck of a winter that’s just been hanging on for dear life. I mean, we got wintery mix and snow the day after Easter, for crying out loud! But, at long last, spring is here. Birds are coming back, trees and flowers are budding, and lawnmowers are coming out every Saturday morning. 

You know what else spring weather means? FOOD. TRUCKS. Food trucks are coming back as the weather warms up. We’ll see these carts of deliciousness wandering the streets and popping up at all the coolest events and parties. And they’re not  just for metropolitan cities like Indianapolis - our very own Fort Wayne has a lively food truck scene! 

But the undisputed KING of the Fort Wayne taco trucks? The Salsa Grille Express! 

That’s right: the Salsa Grille Express is open for business this spring and summer to make delicious Mexican food for the people. You guys have been so patient and supportive throughout these past few years and we’re so excited to bring the truck back to the streets. Whether we’re parked on a curb or catering a swanky private party, Salsa Grille will be slinging homemade salsas, fresh veggies, and house-made meats in all kinds of delicious ways.

Our truck offers many of the favorite menu items that you can get in-store at any of our four dine-in locations. Ordering is super easy: walk up to the window, pick the item you want made in front of you (tacos, burritos, nachos, and bowls), pick your meat (steak, chicken, or ground beef), then go crazy with all of your favorite fresh veggies! To complete your meal, grab some chips and a container of George’s Hot or Mild salsa. Easy! 

Now, you might be thinking: how do I get my hands on some of this delicious mobile food? Well, there’s a couple of ways you can grab some fresh grub. 

First: you can watch our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for information on where we’ll be parked to serve up some indulgent, healthy eats. The truck will be parked at a couple regular locations (we’ll let you know where on our social media!) and even some public events. If the truck is at a public event or you find us in the wild, you’ll have to pay for your meal like a standard food truck. 

Second: host a private party and ask the Salsa Grille Express to cater. If you have a wedding, corporate event, birthday, or graduation party, having our food truck at your location serving tacos and burritos on-demand will go a long way towards making the biggest splash possible! We need to feed a minimum of 60 people to come out for a private event, so make sure you’ve got your guest list lined up when you call us. 

Third: get INVITED to a private party where the Salsa Grille Express is catering. If you’re a guest at a private party where Salsa Grille Express is catering, then your meal is already paid for! Best of all worlds. 

If you want to get the Salsa Grille Express to liven up your private event or party, call 260-338-TACO for details. You’ll get information about availability, menu options, pricing, and more. You can also submit a request form online at

Still have questions about our food truck? That’s great! Contact us online at!

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